There is a vast amount of accomodations ready for the weary travelers in the hungarian capitals. Although the hotels in Budapest city centre are legendary there are quite a few other solutions as well if you want to get well rested after a tiring day of exploration. The city’s hotels are frequented in the middle of the downtown but are also surrounded by the newest version of affordable accomodations: the serviced aparthotels. The center of Budapest has many old buildings and flats that needed some renovation to function as a resting place for tourists. These aparments were built from the 19th century and are quite spacious, have a nice climate and a certain vibe to them. Also the best franchises of these hotels are giving you the best possible amenities you can get just you would from a 4-5 star hotel service. So don’t be afraid to book such a place if you are visiting Hungary as you will have a comfortable stay and a heavier wallett in the end.

hotels in budapest centre